Oct.23-25 2020
Shenzhen, China
Keynote Speakers/主讲嘉宾

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Prof. Hai yun Wang

College of hydraulic & environmental engineering, Three Gorges University

Research Area: 

Environmental pollution control and energy conservation and regeneration technology

Long engaged in environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment, environmental pollution control project design, supervision, construction, water conservancy project ecological protection, river ecological restoration, water pollution control, water treatment technology research, environmental protection planning and other scientific research.

Undertaking renewable energy projects: Hanjiang New efficient catalyst and solvent industrialization comprehensive utilization project; Chemical fertilizer industry sulfuric acid heat recovery and waste heat power generation projects; Comprehensive energy saving upgrade of ammonia system and coal gasification waste heat power generation renovation project; Phosphorus chemical 4680T/A Chloromethane recovery project.

Certificated: Certified Senior Appraiser of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction; Environmental Monitoring and evaluation qualification certificate. Social part-time jobs: science and technology award evaluation expert of provincial people's government; Experts in assessment of energy conservation and emission reduction, experts in environmental impact assessment, and experts in municipal emergency treatment of major pollution accidents.

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